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Floe Earrings (Jam.Stones x Madeat6pm)

Floe Earrings (Jam.Stones x Madeat6pm)

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⋆ Processing Time : 10-14 working days
⋆ Material: Polymer clay, crystals and 14K gold plated studs

Ready made item placed together with collaboration order will be shipped together. 


White Moonstone/Brown Moonstone: It promotes intuition by increasing your physic awareness. It also calms the mind and promotes a sense of peace and happiness. It also helps with PMS, fertility and childbirth. Its feminine energy helps balances the female hormones to heal skin diseases and hair loss. It also helps the digestive system and the assimilation of nutrients. Moonstone also helps to eliminate toxins and fluid retention.

Clear Quartz: A stone of healing. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy. It strengthens the immune system and brings the body into balance.

Strawberry Quartz: It exert particularly strong influences on love and fertility. It helps to dispel relationship anxiety and worry. It also has a calming effect on the mind.

Smoky Quartz: It is a highly protective stone. It dispels negative energies in our environment and also blocks geopathic stress and EMF. It is a highly grounding stone and helps to facilitate moving between alpha and beta state of mind during meditation and energy work. Mentally, Smoky Quartz promotes positive and pragmatic thoughts and is an excellent stone to alleviate depression.

*Please note that the crystal or pearl you receive may not be exactly the same as the one featured in the photo as every crystal is unique in appearance and may have some natural inclusions or color variance. We may change the size of the beads or type of findings to suit the wrist size of your request.

*Due to the handmade nature of the snowflake clay, size and colour might vary from each pair. There may be some slight imperfections such as small air bubbles or difference in colour from screen which will not affect the functionality or appearance. Returns or refunds will not be accepted for small imperfections state as above.

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