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[2nd Order Closed] Mermaid Dreams Bracelets with natural crystals

[2nd Order Closed] Mermaid Dreams Bracelets with natural crystals

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In cooperation with @jam.stones, Mermaid Dream brings you a subtle shell moment. 

⋆ Material : 24k Rosegold Plated on S925
⋆ Lana, Ariel, Maira, Adriana : Adjustable Clasp, 14cm - 17cm

⋆ Lana 2.0, Ariel 2.0, Rainbow Dream: Elastic Bracelet, adjusted to fit your wrist :12cm-22cm
⋆ You can choose your own length for Lana 2.0 and Ariel 2.0 by leaving a note at [Special instructions for seller] on your cart. Example: ''Ariel 2.0-15cm"

Order closed, lead time: 10-14 working days to process


Lana 2.0: Rose Quartz, Fresh Water Pearls, White Agate, Clear Quartz
Ariel 2.0: Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Fresh Water Pearls, White Agate, Clear Quartz

*NEW*Rainbow Dream: Strawberry Quartz, Rose Quartz, Green Angelite, Citrine, Blue Lace Agate, Chevron Amethyst


Rose Quartz ( LOVE ) - Maira
A stone of unconditional love. Rose Quartz crystal invokes kindness, empathy and love. It calms the heart and gives you a peace of mind. A powerful crystal to attract love into your life.

Blue Lace Agate (Calmness) - Ariel
A soothing, calming and grounding stone that brings about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance by balancing yin and yang. Psychologically, it helps acceptance of oneself and builds confidence. It also helps to bring one’s attention to any disease that might interfere with one’s well being. Agate helps to improve concentration, perception and analytical abilities and encourages one to speak the truth. Emotionally, it helps to overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart; useful for emotional trauma and creates a sense of security and safety. It also raises consciousness and awareness and helps in spiritual growth and stability.

Green Angelite - Lana
Green Angelite releases blockages in the physical, emotional and mental subtle bodies. It regenerates the physical body and strengthens the immune system. It resonates with the throat chakra by balancing the thyroid and parathyroid. Angelite is an excellent stone for weight control as it acts as a diuretic and balances the fluid in the body.

Moonstone - Adriana
It promotes intuition by increasing your physic awareness. It also calms the mind and promotes a sense of peace and happiness. It also helps with PMS, fertility and childbirth. Its feminine energy helps balances the female hormones to heal skin diseases and hair loss. It also helps the digestive system and the assimilation of nutrients. Moonstone also helps to eliminate toxins and fluid retention.

All bracelets contains :

Freshwater Pearls
Symbolize Purity, Transformation, Honesty, Wisdom and Integrity. It is known to be calming and helps one manage the temper, useful in strengthening relationships. This iridescent beauty helps improve memory and concentration. It is also believed to treat digestive disorders.

Clear Quartz
A stone of healing. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy. It strengthens the immune system and brings the body into balance.
*Due to its natural characteristics, some crystals, pearl and jade may have natural inclusions or surface marks even after being polished. You may expect slight variations in color and size due to studio lighting or variances in computer and mobile phone screen calibration. We do, however, strive to ensure that screen colours are true to life, as much as possible.

*Please note that the crystal, pearl or jade you receive may not be exactly the same as the one featured in the photo as every crystal is unique in appearance and may have some natural inclusions or color variance. We may change the size of the beads or type of findings to suit the wrist size of your request.

*Due to the handmade nature of the clay shells, size and colour might vary from each pair. There may be some slight imperfections such as small air bubbles or difference in colour from screen which will not affect the functionality or appearance. Returns or refunds will not be accepted for small imperfections state as above.

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